About Us

About Primal Survival Gear...

Primal Survival Gear is a Canadian founded, locally owned outdoor sporting goods supply company based out of London, Ontario, also known as 'The Forest City' due to the abundance of heavily-wooded areas within and surrounding the city boundaries. London is a metropolitan city situated approximately 200 kilometers South/West of Toronto, Canada. Our company was founded in March of 2018 We have since strived to operate as the essential Camping & Survival Gear destination supplier geared towards local outdoor enthusiasts. Our business plan originally was simply to advertise our products to local customers, however, we soon discovered that others from around the globe also took great interested in the merchandise we stock on a continual basis.

After countless satisfied customers later, in 2017, we focused our efforts on upscaling our company's local presence to the next level by expanding our a small-scale Outdoor Sporting Goods supply store, to a multi-national online storefront that is proud to provide YOU with the best prices on high quality manufactured goods from a wide range of trusted suppliers. Finally, we offer FREE International shipping on all orders over $40!

How we operate:

Each year, we assist our dozens of national US and Canadian suppliers and retail chains by advertising their overstocked surplus inventory by buying their excess camping, survival, and outdoor recreation products at a fraction of the original retail price. By doing this, we are able to bring you nothing but the best discounted prices on our stock from the largest range of national suppliers.  Every year thousands of new products arrive in our storefront, and thousands of products sell out! As you can see, we carry a massive selection of products and we are constantly hunting for new interesting, unusual items that make your outdoor experiences all the more convenient and pleasurable! This is fun for both us and our customers. At any given time, there are typically more than 1000+ different products featured are in our retail store, many of which are available on our website.

Our inventory range includes just about anything imaginable from camping and survival gear, to fishing equipment and waterproof makeup. Customers tend to seek us out due to the scarcity of many items that we stock from our suppliers who are no longer selling such products. We hope you enjoy shopping on our website and/or in our retail store.

We are always trying to improve our business so your helpful customer feedback is always greatly appreciated! Many of our customers stay up-to-date on our latest deals by subscribing to our Email newsletter, which contains weekly articles relating to the survivalist lifestyle, survival strategies, tips, tricks, checklists, and much more!