Ultralight Titanium Outdoor Cooking Pot with Folding Handles (1.1L)

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  • Material: 99.8% titanium. Weight: about 102g (cup) + 21g (lid). Dimensions: approximately 95 x 110 mm. Thickness: about 0.4mm. Titanium cups are lighter and more durable than stainless steel ones.
  • Large 1100 ml capacity, can work as a small pot and a large cup of water, meet most needs. They are very light and convenient to carry everywhere. Suitable for camping, hiking, travel, home, trekking, school, and other outdoor activities.
  • Design as a foldable handle, easier to carry, save more space. There is a wedge at the top and the side handle, to prevent the mug from slipping when hung or by hand. Induction and open flame compatible. It can be filled with hot water or heated directly on the stove. The cups with hooks can be hung and cooked on the stove to prevent burns and more convenient.
  • The integrated lid effectively reduces water leakage on the lid.
  • The cup is made of high-quality titanium, it is light and stronger than steel, does not rust, anti-corrosion from acid and alkali, healthy and environmentally friendly. Titanium is a metal that is completely harmless to the human body, which is a premium material that can adapt to the harsh climatic conditions in the outdoor space, and also can be safely implanted in the human body as a material medical called "metal" of the 21st century.




Brand Name: Yofeil
Can Hold Boiling Water or Not: Applicable
Foldable: Yes
With Tableware or Not: No
With Cooler Bag or Not: No
Material: Titanium
Capacity: 1.1L
Style: Outdoor
Bag Style: Handheld Basket
Model: CJ0025
Number of Users: 2-3
Appearance: Kidney Shape