Stainless Steel Ring Bottle Opener

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Product Details:

  • Elegant Workmanship: The Aihogard ring bottle opener produced by our factory must be punched, formed, deformed, welded, polished, and another process. The perimeter is smooth and has no burrs.
  • Sleek Design: This product breaks the traditional square or round shackles and restores a simple and elegant style. The unique design of the ring is even more attractive when worn in the hand.
  • Easy to use: Simply place your hand on the top of the bottle to line up the cap, then open the cap. Fast, convenient, and easy. Mini compact size, easy to carry.
  • Save time and effort: Without a can opener, bottles and cans won't open easily, saving a lot of time.

Note: The inner diameter of 22mm is suitable for the fingers of ordinary people, and the 20mm is suitable for the fingers of women and thin people. The inner diameter of 24mm is suitable for slightly larger fingers.



Brand Name: Aihogard
Model Number: Ring Beer Bottle Opener
Color: Black, Gold, Silver, Red