Spraycool Summer Sports Water Bottle with Misting Feature (400/600mL)

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Staying hydrated while participating in physically taxing activities such as canoeing, rock climbing, hiking and cycling is a crucial part of the overall outdoors experience. The best way to ensure your water intake continues to match the recommended amounts set out by Health Officials is to always keep a water bottle full and easily accessible to you at all times. The most significant factors many athletes and outdoor enthusiasts look for in a water bottle are the durability, ease of use and portability. Many often make the mistake of sacrificing these factors for stylish options. This can lead to several potentially hazardous outcomes such as dehydration, heat illnesses and hyperventilation if water is not readily available and portable in a convenient manner. Spraycool’s Misting Sports Water Bottle addresses all these factors from ease of use, fashionability and functionality. 


Spraycool’s Summer Sports Water Bottle comes with a handy loop designed to be able to be attached to a variety of clips and can be easily secured to the side of a backpack, a rope in a canoe or even a belt. The design of the mouthpiece functions so that the user can easily control the volume of the liquid being ingested. The liquid inside the bottle is consumed by simply opening the protective nozzle lid and sipping directly out of the straw. The size of the bottle is purposed as such so that the bottle may fit in the side of a backpack or in a cup-holder. Spraycool’s Summer Sports Water Bottle is the perfect option whether you’re on the go or if you're just spending a day at the gym. 

Spraycool’s Summer Sports Water Bottle comes in multiple size variants. This allows for the user to make the choice between volumes based on the level of physical activity they will be engaged in as well as the current environmental conditions. In addition, the handy mister feature allows for the user to dispense a controlled burst of water in form of a mist directly towards their face or any other part of the body in order to directly cool down an overheated area. This option is optimal in comparison to the alternative, pouring water directly out of the nozzle and risking wasting valuable water. It is proven that the cooler the surface of the skin, the cooler the core temperature of the body will remain. Prevention is the best way to avoid heat related illnesses and the Spraycool’s Summer Sports Water Bottle mister attachment is a fantastic tool in keeping your overall core body temperature at a safe level.


  • Dishwasher-Safe Plastic
  • Food Grade PAC
  • Weighs 180g empty 


  • Straw-drinking mechanism
  • Mister-nozzle attachment for quick, controlled hydration
  • Comes in three different colors (Blue, Pink, Green)