Inflatable Mattress Sleeping Pad

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Whether you’re setting up camp or breaking it down, the last thing you want is a sleeping pad that takes forever to blow up or pack up. Our innovative rapid one-way valve design makes both setups and stows a breeze. Inflate this sleeping pad in less than 10 breaths, unlike any air mattress or sleeping pad you’ve ever tried. We’re confident that the Widesea inflatable sleeping pad will be one of the most practical camping accessories you’ll ever own.


  • Upgraded Built-in Pump and Pillow: No additional air pump is needed, and avoid the embarrassment of blowing with your mouth. Just press the pump with your hands or feet multiple times, even children can easily and quickly inflate and exhaust. Built-in pillows, no longer have to worry about pillows falling off during sleep or forgetting to carry pillows for a bad night
  • Comfort Airbags and Tear-Resistant Materials: Double-sided 40D nylon + TPU composite material has excellent water resistance, air tightness, and tear resistance. The honeycomb airbag is more comfortable and has a stronger pressure-bearing capacity. When used, the airbag distributes the pressure and is evenly stressed. Passed the test of 200kg load-bearing test for 24 hours before shipment, and no air leakage in sleep occurred
  • Super Lightweight and the Compact: The whole package is only the size of a bottle of water, 630g light, and a compact inflatable cushion! It can be hung directly outside or inside the backpack, making your journey easier. Ideal for camping, cycling, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Can also be used as children's play mats, beach mats, temporary sleeping mats for guests
  • Expanding The Size Is More Comfortable: The thickness of 6cm is enough to block the humidity and cold of the ground. At the same time, the site has been upgraded to 195 * 60cm, with connection buttons on both sides, which easily connects the two sleeping cushions to form a single bed, double bed to increase space. Longer and wider, comfortable to spend all night, whether lying flat, side-lying or curled up.