Outdoor Camping Cookware Set

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The camping cookware Mess kit is made of safe, non-toxic aluminum with a non-stick coating for easy cleaning. Hard-anodized aluminum provides fast heating, high-temperature resistance, corrosion-resistant.

Brand: BlackDeer
Model No.: BD11616201
Type: Outdoor Tableware
Material: Anodized aluminum
Suitable: Camping
Big pot size: 188*118mm(2.5L)
Small pot size: 168*98mm(1.5L)
Fry pan size: 194*45mm(0.9L)
Kettle size: 153*73 mm (0.8L)
Net Weight: 1kg
Package includes:
1* Big pot
1* Small pot
1* Fry pan
1* Kettle
1* A rice spoon, two bowls