Monocular Astronomical Telescope with Tripod

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This is a small refraction astronomical telescope with the advantages of a larger diameter (70mm) and low price. It does not occupy a place and is suitable for beginners astronomers. It is equipped with 2 eyepieces with different magnifications and 1.5X magnification. Mirror. It allows you to freely match and observe objects of different distances and sizes.


  • Suitable size, portable, and easy to operate, although it is used by students and children, the color does not need to be colored, the black and silver combination shows mystery and dignity so that children's eyes are protected from harm, the product quality is good, and the standard optical glass lens is not easy to break
  • For novices such as students and children, suitable magnification, simple functions, and easy operation are the best choices. Excessive requirements for high magnification, staring too far to see clearly, such a requirement is almost impossible to meet, it is counterproductive to the child Interest to explore
  • Ideal for outdoor sports enthusiasts and wilderness explorers Hand-held equipment is essential equipment for bird watching, wildlife, hunting, hiking, mountain climbing, camping, camping, surveillance and travel.
  • Viewing combination: 1.5x erect image lens + H20mm eyepiece + viewfinder lens (complete erect image)

How to Use:

  1. Pull the supporting legs apart, install the telescope tube on the yoke, and adjust it with a large lock screw.
  2. Insert the lens into the focusing tube and fix it with the corresponding screws.
  3. Install the eyepiece and the finder on the mirror, and fix them with the corresponding screws.
  4. If you want to magnify with an erect lens, install it between the eyepiece and the barrel (no need to install a 90-degree lens), so that you can view the celestial body (see the manual for specific operations)



Brand Name: XC USHIO
Type: Monocular
Model Number: F30070M/F36050
Item: Outdoor Astronomical Telescope with Tripod