Flint and Stone Striking Tinder Fire Starter Kit

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This flint and stone fire starting kit is the perfect all-in-one tin, containing various items that are essential in the fire-starting process. When the steel strike knocks flintstone, the sparks fall into the char cloth and ignites it.

[Kit Includes:]

  1. 1 x steel striker
  2. 1 x piece of flint
  3. 1 x piece of cotton cloth
  4. 1 x jute (string-rope)
  5. 1 x pocket bellow
  6. 1 x metal storage tin to hold contents

Using Flint and Steel

Tin box and cotton cloth- Mini Carbonization Tool



Place a small piece of char cloth on the top of the flint as shown. The goal is to shave off a very small strip of metal that will burn and land on the char cloth. Striking down at about a 30-degree angle should create a spark or two, which will cause the cloth to glow red where they land. This often happens on the edge of the cloth and is hard to see in bright sunlight. If a spark lands on the char cloth, wait and blow gently on it until you see either a glowing crescent or nothing. If nothing, go back to striking.


Gather firewood, kindling, and tinder. Char cloth won't burn hot enough to light a log all by itself. Just like any fire, you'll need tinder (dry grass, bark shavings, newspaper), kindling (twigs and small branches), and of course the logs themselves. Char cloth makes it easy to start this chain and light the tinder.

Char cloth is most useful during damp weather when the tinder is more difficult to light.

Spread the flame. Blow on the glowing char cloth to get the heat to spread across it. (Pocket Bellow is included in this Kit) Pick up the tinder bundle and gently push the sides up and over the cloth, until they start burning.

Tin box and cotton cloth- Mini CarbonizationTool

how to make charcloth

How to Make Char Cloth

Step 1: Make the Char Tin

Punch a hole in the lid. Stab a hole in the top with an awl or a nail and hammer. It should be about large enough to stick the tip of a pen through, but not the whole pen. Gases and hot air will escape through this hole, preventing the tin from exploding. You are now ready to char some cloth. For a can without a lid, wrap the top tightly with aluminum foil.

Step 2: Choose a natural fabric.

An old, clean 100% cotton T-shirt or pair of denim blue jeans are good options. White cloth is best since it's easy to tell when it's charred and there's no risk that dye will interfere. Most dyed cloths will work fine, but never use a cloth containing any synthetic material(s). There are also no plastic or rubber parts.

Cut the fabric into several pieces. The fabric will shrink during charring, so 2 inches (5 cm) squares of fabric will leave you with a small but manageable piece of char cloth. There's no need to measure exactly or get even edges. Just eyeball the size and cut up the fabric with a pair of scissors.

Step 3: Put It on the Fire

Now just start a fire not a blazing inferno just a calm fire or you can use the embers (lots of embers, this usually works much better) set it somewhere in the fire where it will not fall over, and watch it carefully, as you will eventually see smoke billowing out causing a fire. No need to worry, simply let it burn itself out, and when there is no more smoke coming out take it out.

Step 4: Remove the lid and inspect the cloth

If the chars are soft and black and are not very fragile then it is perfect. You should take it out of the can and separate each piece gently. If the cloth isn't fully black, return it to the tin and heat again. Make sure there is no smoke leaving the tin before you take it off. If the cloth crumbles to dust when touched, then you left it on the fire too long. Try again with new fabric.

Step 5: Light It Up!

At this point, all you have to do is let any kind of spark fall on it and it will glow red with a hot ember but no flame or for all those tech freaks you can just use a lighter but it burns it up fast.

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