Waterproof Military Tactical Molle Pouch

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The Scione Tactical Pouch is specifically designed for both high-performance functionality and practical convenience. It is the perfect carry bag for every day and survivalist/tactical users. The tactical pouch can be used as a fanny pack to wear on the belt, it can also be attached to a backpack or vest using the compatible straps on the back.


  • One item includes 2 tactical pouches. Dimensions: 21.6 x 11.9 x 5.1 cm. Made of durable 600D nylon and the inner surface is made of waterproof material.
  • The Tactical Pack has vinyl stitched on the inside to prevent moisture from entering the material on the outside, and a steel drain hole in the bottom.
  • The Scione attachment bag with 2 buckle straps on the back can be attached to a tactical backpack, combat vest, or other tactical gear as an additional outer pouch or carry it as a normal pouch to secure essential gear.
  • The tactical utility pouch is equipped with two-way, silent drawstring zippers allows you to quickly close the military pouch from both sides or access only one side of the tactical bag without fully opening it.


Additional features...

Double-Action zipper.

Double zipper in silent zippers for quick accessibility.


D-rings allow fast operation.

Drain hole

The metal hole for drainage



Brand Name: Scione
Material: Nylon
Color: Black, Army Green, Khaki, ACU, CP
Size: 19 cm x 25cm x 5.5 cm (HXLXW)
Material: high-quality waterproof nylon
Features: Lightweight and compact, handy to carry
Functions: Shoulder bag, Crossbody bag, or Handbag.
Occasion: outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, climbing, hunting, etc.