10L Dry-Tote Travel Bag

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What if a dry bag were comfortable to carry, easy to dig around in, and sturdy enough to stand up on its own? You should definitely consider picking up a Dry Tote basin-style travel handbag. Its wide opening lets you see what you're looking for, and the webbing straps make it easy to throw it over your shoulder on the way to the beach or for short portages.

The hand-stitched seams are specifically designed to aid in preventing leaks, so it works equally well to keep wet stuff in or out – our testers used it to protect clothing, gear, and towels, but also as a wetsuit holder, water carrier, and camp sink. Roll down the top, clip it closed, and be confident that your stuff's safe from rain, sleet, and snow!

  • Portable, ultra-light, practical
  • Not easily deformed and side leaks with two tote belts
  • Filled with water and support on level ground that will not fall



  • Product dimensions: 14.2 x 6.91 x 4.09 cm; 81.65 grams
  • Color Options: Black/Green, Black/Blue, Black/Red
  • Capacity: 10L
  • Item Weight: 81.6 g