Double Layer Camouflage Mesh Sun Shelter Netting

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Mesh Camouflage Netting

We present the mesh camouflage shelter net. It is a net that offers a light shade and a casual appearance, ideal for use in bars or restaurants with outdoor terraces, events, camping, fairs, or at home. Its texture imitates that of a real leaf, which helps to blend in with the natural environment. Great for hunting, camping, photography, and other outdoor activities. It is versatile because multiple units can be linked together to achieve the desired shape, or cut the size you want.

Our camo netting can decorate your child's gaming area (jungle gym or swing set fort) and disguises the inside of the area pretty well. It also is a perfect decoration for certain party themes. It can be used to decorate your fence or exterior wall if you think that is monotonic, and you can use the camo nets on the ceiling for military effect. Of course, it has a lot of decorative uses, which requires you to discover and implement it yourself.


  1. Easy to install, also to cut——Without mesh ropes behind the camo netting, without mesh ropes behind the camo netting
  2. Light shading without restricting the viewing of the glass roof.
  3. Perfect for your patio as a privacy screen, it lets the wind through well and provides shade.
  4. Ideal for the pet cage as a sunscreen, which is a great shadow for the pet exit to the garden.
  5. It is perfect for covering bikes and other outdoor equipment in the forest.
  6. You can use the camouflage net for the garden pond, which can protect the fish from the heron.



Bottom Waterproof Index: <1000 mm
Bracket Category: Construction Based on Need
Outside Tent Waterproof Index: <1000 mm
Model Number: 735275

Sizes (L*H*W): 2X4m / 2x5m / 3x4m / 4x5m