Boundless Voyage 900ml Titanium Pot with Folding Handle and Lid

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Protecting the environment is the common aspiration of all mankind, protecting the environment in action, titanium cup with lid and sport environmental protection is healthy, resistant to high and low temperatures, bacteriostatic, long-lasting of life. Boundless Voyage keeps our original thoughts in mind and keeps in mind the historic mission given by the new era.


  • Material: 99.8% Titanium
  • A semi-large 900ml capacity can work as a small pot and a large cup of water, meet most needs. They are very light and convenient to carry everywhere.
  • A design like a foldable handle, save more space. And the handle also works as a fastener to prevent the cover from coming loose and getting lost.
  • The integrated lid effectively reduces water leakage on the lid.
  • The cup and spoon are made of high-quality titanium, it is light and stronger than steel, and will not rust, anti-acid and alkali corrosion, healthy and environmentally friendly.
  • Weight: about 136.5g. Dimensions: approximately 95 x 130 mm.
  • Conveniently practical with large capacity titanium pot and lid, especially suitable for hikers, campers.




Brand Name: Boundless Voyage
Can Hold Boiling Water or Not: Yes
Fold: Yes
Material: Titanium
Type: Cooking Pot & Lid
Capacity: 0.9L / 900ml
Style: Outdoor
Bag Style: None
Model: Ti15103B
Number of Users: 1
Appearance: ROUND
Size:: (D)95mm*(H)130mm
Weight:: 136.5g
Material:: 99.8% Titanium (cup&lid), stainless steel (handle)
Capacity:: max 900ml, tick mark to 800ml